Since when is quoting the prophets intolerant?

A friend of mine on Facebook put up several quotations on Sunday (Super Bowl Sunday) from prophets reminding us what prophets have said about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. Among the quotations he cited were:

“Now I understand that my behavior on the Sabbath is my sign to the Lord of my regard for him and for the covenant under which I was born. If, on the one hand, my interests on the Sabbath were turned to pro football games or worldly movies, the sign from me to him would clearly be that my devotion would not favor the Lord. If, on the other hand, my Sabbath interests were focused on the Lord and his teachings, my family, or the sick, or the poor, and the needy, that sign would likewise be visible to God. Our activities on the Sabbath will be appropriate as we consider them to be our personal sign to him of our commitment to the Lord.” —Russell M. Nelson

It turns out that I watched part of the Super Bowl on Sunday. In fact, a family that I home teach invited me to come over, and my wife and I went and we had a nice time.

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