Singers help conferencegoers 'maintain reverent spirit'

In the cacophony of thousands of people leaving the Conference Center after a general conference session and thousands more lining up to get into the center for the next, the familiar sounds of LDS hymns are a spirit-calming extra.

Dozens of members of Salt Lake University 5th Stake provide an informal musical interlude for conferencegoers and others plying downtown streets during the semiannual conferences. They've been doing it for three years, lining up along both sides of the south sidewalk of South Temple to sing best-loved hymns.

It's an informal service, said Matt Millburne. "It's to help the people leaving conference to maintain that reverent spirit longer."

His involvement was the result of responding to invitations made in regular church meetings, he said.

He and JoLynn Bierman had just finished "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" along with the rest of the group. Ironically, a strident dissenter to the LDS Church was just steps away disclaiming Joseph Smith's prophetic mission in establishing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the early 1800s.

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