Single on yet another Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day stands before us -- the dreaded day set aside so lovers can express their love. The traditional day that we, as Mormon "singles," feel even more sensitive than usual about our singlehood.

So how do we survive it? Not just the day itself, but also an entire January of red-and-hot-pink promotion and half of February's countdown.

Perhaps we need to take a step back from the huge neon spotlight shining on our relationship statuses -- especially in a Facebook world.

President Gordon B. Hinckley once expressed concern over LDS Church members labeling ourselves or others, saying, "Somehow we have put a badge on a very important group in the church. It reads 'Singles.' I wish we would not do that. You are individuals, men and women, sons and daughters of God, not a mass of 'look-alikes' or 'do-alikes.'"

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