Sister Carole M. Stephens Shares What to Do When Visiting Teaching Is Uncomfortable

After hearing Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's call for home teachers to “Please, in newer, better ways see yourselves as emissaries of the Lord to His children” (“Emissaries to the Church,” Oct. 2016 general conference), Sister Carole M. Stephens urges visiting teachers to also see themselves as emissaries, or messengers of the Lord.  

Using a quote from President Henry B. Eyring, Sister Stephens demonstrated the need for this sacred and important calling. 

“The only system which could provide succor and comfort across a church so large in a world so varied would be through individual servants near the people in need. … He set a pattern in place. … Relief Society sisters accept their assignment to visit another as a call from the Lord” (“The Enduring Legacy of Relief Society,” Oct. 2009 general conference).

Do we accept our assignment to visit another sister as a call from the Lord and an opportunity to be an instrument in His hands?

Accepting a new assignment may be uncomfortable at first; you may not know the sister you have been asked to watch over. But you can accept your assignment with confidence, knowing that it has come from the Lord through your Relief Society presidency and bishop as they have sought His help through prayer to know who can help meet her needs.

The Lord’s work is accomplished in His way as leaders delegate to others opportunities to serve. You are a covenant daughter of a loving Father who knows you. You may not be aware of the needs of the sisters you are assigned to watch over, but remember they are also daughters of a Heavenly Father who knows and loves them. Pray for them by name and seek inspiration to know how you can respond to their spiritual and temporal needs—then go and do as you are prompted by the Spirit.

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