Sister Eubank: Don't Feel Like You Fit In? Relief Society Is for You

by | May 05, 2017

Mormon Life

“If we let it, Relief Society will make of us women who see beyond the barriers. It will help us repent and practice the discipline of creators," Sister Eubank says. "It acknowledges the invisible women who unify and make one, who serve the soup and cake, and who have sticky hands to hold people close.”

Sister Sharon Eubank recently went to an Asian café for lunch. The “friendly guy behind the counter” told her to pick a starch, pick a protein, and pick a sauce.

“I had never thought of lunch that way before and it struck me that there were almost endless combinations made from these three basic building blocks,” she said.

Sister Eubank spoke of some of the many basic ingredients to the feast of each person's conversion. All Latter-day Saints have experiences with these key ingredients, “but each has such a different look and taste, it is not aways easy to compare our conversions.”

“Don’t judge if I’m a rice bowl and you’re a taco. … No one’s conversion will be exactly like yours, and yet every one of them can be true,” Sister Eubank said.

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