Sister Eubank Shares What the "Essence" of Visit Teaching Should Be

Visit teaching is an incredibly important way members can serve each other, but it can be easily overlooked or become something to check off each month. 

Sister Sharon Eubank, the first counselor in the general presidency of the Relief Society, shared in a recent Facebook post what the essence of visit teaching really is and how it can impact the lives of others. 

I’ve been in Rexburg, Idaho, this week visiting Relief Society sisters in their homes.
Joan Johnson invited me to see her greenhouse garden. Joan is 82 years old and watching over her large family alone since her husband, Lee, died seven years ago. She is an artist, a gardener, a horsewoman, and a great visiting teacher. She told me, “My companion and I visit teach our neighbor who is 89 years old. She has pneumonia and we could see she needs us every week, not once a month. So we do what she needs.”
An hour, a text, a walk, a scripture, a seat saved at church, pulling a few weeds in the garden while the kids run around. “Do what she needs” is the essence of visiting teaching. Thanks to all of you who live that principle every day.
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