Sister Marriott Writes Emotional Letter to Her Daughter in Heaven

You may remember Sister Neill F. Marriott speaking of her daughter's death in her October 2015 general conference talk. While Sister Marriott and her husband were serving a mission in Brazil 14 years ago, their daughter, Georgia, passed away following a bike accident in Indiana.

Just 10 days before the accident, Georgia wrote this beautiful testimony in her journal:"It's true, it's true, and no one can tell me otherwise because I feel the truth inside of me growing and defying any doubts. . . . Life holds no chains for me because I am liberated by that inherent Light given to me before the world."

Since November 16 would have been her daughter's 36th birthday, Sister Marriott shared on Facebook a couple of small yet significant ways that heaven reached out to comfort her in the days leading up to Georgia's birthday.

Today, November 16, is our daughter Georgia’s 36th birthday in earth years. She passed away 14 years ago, following a bike crash in Bloomington, Indiana. Georgia left to us her legacy of faith recorded in nine journals. These books are filled with her feelings about the Book of Mormon, the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the joy of returning to Him—as well as the importance of relationships, both earthly and heavenly. In her journal, she sometimes recalled spiritual feelings or promptings that she received "heavenly mail" (How we love her personality which shows in each page).
Two of our family’s treasured reminders of Georgia are Mosiah 4:9—which she memorized and often shared—and the ethereal song, "Pie Jesu," which she sang with her missionary companion in Nauvoo. Yesterday with her upcoming birthday on my mind and heart, I received two bits of "heavenly mail"—two gentle connections to Georgia.
First, I attended a gathering at which the pianist began to play Pie Jesu as background music. It was such a sweet moment I wanted to say out loud "Ooh . . . Georgia." And second, in the course of my continual reading of the Book of Mormon, on this very day, I came to Mosiah 4:9, which I read slowly, savoring each word that she loved and believed.
What is she doing there in the spirit world? I have a glimpse of her from the words of Elder Richard G. Scott, spoken at Georgia’s funeral. “Georgia,” he said in his slow, kindly manner, “is a missionary.”
With all my heart I am grateful you were born to our family, dear missionary daughter. May our efforts on earth interact with your work in heaven.
Love eternally,

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