Sister Missionary Mini-Figurines

by | Nov. 10, 2017

Sister Missionary figurines can now be purchased at www.brickemyoung.com!

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Connecting faith, family, and fun in one activity with Brick’Em Young!

The Sister Missionary set includes two sisters with four different hair color pieces (brown, blonde, black and red), three different skin tones, two Bibles, and two copies of the Book of Mormon.

Mix and match up to 48 possible combinations for only $6.99. Check out www.brickemyoung.com for more details!

In the last few weeks, Brick’Em Young has also introduced a really fun and interactive nativity set and three new temple models: Manti, Logan, and Cedar City! Brick’Em Young sets make great Christmas gifts and allow for quality family time away from electronic devices!

Click on our Brick’Em Builders link to see pictures of satisfied builders across the globe who have put together a Brick’Em Young set.

Come check out these collector item toy figurines at www.brickemyoung.com!

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