So Blessed

"Do you ever have those moments, or those days even when you really, truly realize how blessed you are? So blessed you don't even know why YOU deserve to be so blessed? So blessed you feel guilty as you watch pain and misery spread all around you? I have had, like, 30 of those days, all really close together recently, and now more than ever, I feel so incredibly blessed.

Just in the past couple months:

One of my best friends from college found out her not even 6 month old daughter, her first child, has a terminal illness (Krabbes) that will likely take her life before she sees her 2nd birthday. My friend and her husband are both students.

One of my neighbors died of stomach cancer right before Christmas, leaving his wife and 2 kids to care for themselves and the business he ran to provide for his family. They do not have health insurance.

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