Some Body

I have been trying to lose whole life. Sometimes I succeed. Most of the time I don't. This constant battle with my body is such a source of frustration! I often find myself looking at this body of mine and feeling hatred, repulsion, and resignation. I go through phases of thinking, "That's it! I'll just be fat the rest of my life!".

I suppose one could say my thought processes are unhealthy. Well, I agree. And this is where my latest thought process regarding this problematic body of mine has taken me.

So here it is. I have a body. And that body is far from perfect. I am no size 2...or 4...or 10. And chances are pretty good that I never will be.

Well, so be it.

I have a body. It is imperfectly shaped (pear-shaped in fact!), but it is strong and capable. It is chubbier than it should be, but it is whole and healthy.

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