Some not-so-common sites to see around Temple Square

So your summer plans include a visit to Salt Lake City to see the Tabernacle, Conference Center, visitors centers and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, along with a trip to the new Deseret Book flagship store. Or maybe you've already seen them but still want to visit Temple Square.

But there are also several little sites to see that blend in or are a little off the beaten path.

Periodically, Mormon Times has printed lists of these not-so-common things to look for in and around Temple Square. Here is a compilation of those lists.

1. Meridian Marker

Location: Temple Square, outside the southeast corner

The Meridian Marker is a sandstone obelisk that serves as the legal center of Salt Lake City. The current marker is a replica of the original (now in the Church History Museum). All addresses in the valley are stated in relation to this marker.

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