Sometimes it seems like a little thing...

So, earlier this summer, I was headed out of town to go speak at a girls camp (Hello to my new friends in the St. George West Stake!! You are amazing!). I was running late getting on the road.

But, there was a problem.

The little "tire pressure" light in my car was on and it had been on for about a week.

Now, you should know that I had been having issues with my light for a few months. It would come on and then I would kind of freak out. But, every time I took it in, they would just put a little air in the tire and send me on my way (sometimes my tires weren't actually low...the light was just being annoying!)

So, since it hadn't been a big deal before, I thought I could just take care of it when I got back from my little road trip. But, I just couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to go in before I got on the highway.

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