Soul-soothing Sweets

by | Jun. 21, 2010


On our journey to preparedness, we've discussed several different types of foods to store. We've learned about dehydrated, freeze-dried, and Meals Ready to Eat. All of these are wonderful options, and a good combination of all of them is ideal. But each of these foods also shares something that I'm sure will tickle your fancy. Within each of these foods storage categories there are some items I would like you to consider . . . desserts!

If you are like me, it won't take much to convince you that having a few "comfort foods" stored is a good idea. But, if you aren't sure that having cake or pudding for your family in an emergency is really necessary, think about these few facts: Did you know studies show that foods high in sugar, or food associated with pleasant memories, can cause the release of certain chemicals that affect how we feel? In short, desserts can act as a natural mood enhancer. During hard times, such as the aftermath of a natural disaster, extended unemployment, or food shortages, having desserts on hand for your family will help to comfort them. It can be a reminder, especially to children, that everything is all right and good times are ahead.

Now that we've established having food storage desserts on-hand is a good idea (twist my arm!), let's talk about the different varieties you can choose from. As I mentioned before, each of the types of food storage has delicious options available. MREs have a wonderful assortment of ready to eat cakes and cookies. Can't imagine something in a brown military pouch can taste good? Think again!

Want to make your own delicious desserts? You can purchase just add water dehydrated muffin and brownie mixes in #10 cans, along with puddings and even make your own homemade favorite peanut butter cookies or oatmeal cookies using dehydrated items such as peanut butter powder and oats. With the amazing technology of freeze dried foods, even ice cream is possible!

Whatever your sweet tooth craving, or whatever your family's comfort foods are, you're sure to find something delicious to fit the bill. So consider spending a few of your food storage dollars giving your family some soul-soothing sweets!

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