Sponsored: Easily Grow Delicious Probiotics Overnight With LDS Dad's Invention

When I first heard about the EZ Yogurt Maker about a year ago, I had been searching and searching for an affordable way to add probiotics to our family routine. I knew that regular doses of these beneficial bacteria have been proven in numerous studies to improve digestion, immunity, and mental health, help with allergies and weight-loss, and even prevent and fight cancer. I wanted ALL these benefits from probiotics for myself and my family.

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But with car payments, health care costs from a new baby, and a mortgage on a fixer-upper, I didn’t want to throw away our precious money on products that weren’t effective, or on companies that were jumping on the probiotic wagon just to make a buck.

I didn’t know what to do. For years I had been buying a dozen yogurts every week, but I began to worry about the excessive sugar in each serving. Occasionally I bought a quart of kefir at the grocery store, but I only got two tiny servings before it disappeared, because our older kids loved it so much (EZ Yogurt, btw, is as delicious as my favorite brand of kefir). At $6.00/quart, though, grocery-store kefir was too expensive to be my long-time solution.

My quick search for “probiotics” on Amazon came up with 5,000+ results. After clicking around for only a couple minutes, I felt completely overwhelmed. I had no idea which companies were reputable, or what even constituted a quality probiotic. Plus, every supplement was so expensive, like $48.50 for one bottle of 30 pills. (That’s the real price of a probiotic I saw online today!) And they all seem to cost that much.

Then (for about two seconds) I explored making yogurt at home, but halfway through my sister’s explanation of the process, I stopped her. Too complicated. I was running on six-months of NO SLEEP, and I needed a simpler solution.

So, I considered culturing my own kefir from starter grains. But when a friend told me that properly caring for the grains was “like taking care of a little pet,” I knew I was out. We could hardly feed our cat at that point!

Then I heard about the EZ Yogurt Maker, back when it was still called ShakeGenie. Because of the name, I thought it might be a new immersion blender, which I didn’t need. I only clicked on the link because of a family connection with the inventor, Merrick Maxfield, who happens to be my cousin.

As soon as I saw the ShakeGenie commercial (now called EZ Yogurt Maker of course), I knew I’d found what I had long been searching for—an affordable and easy way to culture lots and LOTS of quality, fresh probiotics for my family. And it’s a delicious product that really is easy to use. I’ve set the whole thing up before in just a couple minutes using only one hand because I was also holding my baby.

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Using the EZ Yogurt Maker could not be easier. To set it up, you only need a few things:

- First, you’ll need an unopened gallon of pasteurized milk of your choice—even skim, soy, rice or almond!

- Second, add the EZ Yogurt, a custom blend of 11 probiotics that have been painstakingly selected to culture well in a wide variety of milks and to survive best at human body temperature. Just pour the EZ Yogurt starter pack into your milk and mix gently.

- Third, turn on the EZ Yogurt Maker, which is a low-temperature warming sleeve that fits over the gallon of milk. Slide the EZ Yogurt Maker over your milk jug and plug it in. That’s it! 

- Then you just leave it overnight to thicken, or culture—a process that usually takes about 8 to 10 hours. The longer you leave it on, the thicker your batch will be. Then you cool it in the fridge and use as desired!

Keep in mind that EZ Yogurt thickens like traditional yogurt, which is not as thick as commercial yogurts in a cup. It’s more like the drinkable yogurts you find in Europe or South America.

If you read the ingredients on commercial yogurts, you’ll see things like gelatins, starches, and guar gum in that list, all of which are used to thicken products, making them easier to eat with a spoon. But do you really know what you’re eating?

That’s one of the things I love about EZ Yogurt. It’s as natural as you’d like it to be! The only ingredients in your EZ Yogurt are the ones you add yourself! That makes EZ Yogurt a great choice for vegans or someone with a dairy allergy.

Of course, because there aren’t any other ingredients besides milk and those powerful probiotics, EZ Yogurt is plain when it comes out of the jug and tastes a bit like sour cream. But that’s another thing I love about this product—it’s so versatile! You can easily tailor it to different diets or tastes.

If you keep it plain, you can substitute it for sour cream in dips or spoon it over Mexican food. If you prefer something fruity, then add it to your smoothies in the morning. With just a little flavoring, it stands alone as a delicious protein drink that’s great for breakfast, as an afterschool snack or just before bed.

Many people add vanilla or lemon extract and a sweetener. With EZ Yogurtyou get to choose whether that sweetener is sugar, honey, stevia, or whatever you’d like!

Personally, I like to flavor 1½ to 2 cups EZ yogurt with 1 squirt of Miyo water flavoring and ½ tsp Truvia. It only takes 30 seconds to prepare a few servings, and it tastes great! 

Unfortunately, I’m out of room, and I haven’t discussed even half of the things I LOVE about the EZ Yogurt Maker, such as the very low price, which—with the coupon code below—costs only as much as one bottle of probiotic supplements!

Let me say quickly that EZ Yogurt makes me feel so good! I lost more weight this year drinking EZ Yogurt (18 pounds) than I lost in the five years before. And believe me, I was trying hard before to lose that weight. More importantly, I have more energy, and I feel light on my toes because now my systems operate like they should.

Also, I don’t work for EZ Yogurt. I basically hijacked this post from my cousin, Merrick Maxfield, because I feel so passionately about this product.

To start growing your own probiotics, go to EZYogurtMaker.com today. Use the coupon code “LDSLiving” to buy your EZ Yogurt Maker and SAVE 50% for a limited time!

Or get a FREE EZ Yogurt Maker with a monthly subscription of EZ Yogurt starter packs. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

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