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by | Jun. 01, 2020

They say a family that plays together stays together, but what about a family that plays together on national television?

Well, that family must be really good at playtime.

Creating an environment where families can learn how to have fun together and become playtime pros is the whole goal behind BYUtv’s newest competition series—Jeff’s Homemade Game Show, a show that seeks to make ultimate family time feasible for all families everywhere.

How the Show Works

Comedian Jeff Rogers shows up at families’ houses all across the United States and hosts shows right in their living rooms. There, he creates games like “sock shuffleboard” and “stairway bowling” from items the families have sitting around. The pressure is on with cash prizes along the way and a chance to try a mystery key on Jeff’s prize truck at the end if they win.

If they lose, they get junk from Jeff’s garage. Old spatula, anyone?

Beyond Television

But no matter how exciting the competition gets, what makes this show a real winner is its focus on the family, and in that, no one loses.

One of eleven kids, Jeff Rogers knows just how important playtime is in creating healthy family relationships, and Jeff’s Homemade Game Show is out to prove that fun for both parents and kids can be easy and inexpensive.

All of Jeff’s entertaining games are crafted to give viewers ideas of how to play at home. And with families spending more time together right now than ever, the games provide a perfect opportunity to strengthen relationships—through cloud, sunshine, or quarantine.

How You Can Participate

Give the games a try! You can catch new episodes of Jeff’s Homemade Game Show for free on BYUtv.org and BYUtv app and find more resources for playing with your family on the BYUtv blog.

Already a playtime pro? Submit your family’s game ideas on the Jeff’s Homemade Gameshow Facebook page, @homemadegameshow, for a chance to win swag and have your game featured on TV.

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