Sponsored: How Do I Earn More on My Savings?

by | Feb. 14, 2018

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A “Share Certificate” at Deseret First Credit Union is similar to a “CD” or “certificate of deposit” at a bank. It’s a savings tool that allows you to earn more interest on your savings than you would in your regular savings or checking accounts.

It’s simple: You commit to saving your money for a “term,” or set period of time, and in turn you receive a higher interest rate that allows you to earn more money on your savings.

We are currently offering, for a limited time, special higher interest rates of 3.10% APY on 5-year certificates and 2.00% APY on 1-year certificates. 

If you’re saving money at other financial institutions, consider bringing it over to Deseret First Credit Union where a higher interest rate will make those “piggy banks” grow! You can start by depositing as little as $500 into a new share certificate. 

Opening a share certificate at Deseret First Credit Union is easy! Simply ask about certificates at a branch or over the phone, or submit an online application! Act Now to start long-term savings! 

Rates available for limited time only. Membership and eligibility required. Terms and conditions apply. O.A.C. Offer subject to change. Rates quoted as Annual Percentage Yield. The APY applies to balances at $500. Fees could reduce earnings. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.
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