Sponsored: Mount Liberty College offers the traditional education your children need

Mount Liberty College offers a serious alternative to the political correctness and “diversity” madness infecting higher education, in Utah and elsewhere. The MLC curriculum is organized around a traditional Great Books education, building on the kind of education Thomas Jefferson received, as offered in the best charter, private, and home schools.

The founders and faculty of MLC believe that only a broad-based curriculum, grounded in the wisdom of 4,000 years of civilization, can prepare young people for the modern world. We do not offer “training” (which is quickly outdated), but true education (which is timeless).

Increasingly, parents see tuition payments for their children being used to destroy faith and virtue. Mount Liberty College is firmly rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition, and while we are not affiliated with any specific religion, we recognize the contribution of faith to the development of free institution, to the appreciation of beauty in the world, and to the satisfaction of our students as they go forth into the world.

The historic purpose of education is to equip students with an understanding of the world, civilization, truth, beauty, religion, and humanity. At Mount Liberty College, we have not forgotten that truth.

Mount Liberty College is

  • • dedicated to teaching eternal truth and beauty;
  • • unwaveringly against the zeitgeist of political correctness, CRT, and trendy “diversity”;
  • • firmly rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition;
  • • inexpensive; and
  • • local

Find us at MountLibertyCollege.org.

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