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by | Jan. 04, 2018

In this age of information, moms today of have a plethora of information to keep track of. The Mormon Mom Planner is designed to assist every kind of mom to keep track of every piece of information in one tidy and gorgeous place!

Whether you’re a stay at home mom, working mom, stay at home working mom, grandma, student, planner, procrastinator, doodler, enthusiastic doer,  ‘Do I have to?’ doer, homeschooling Mom, PTA Mom, soccer mom, karate mom, yogi mom, Mormon mom or non-Mormon mom.

Facebook follower Rachel Causey said, “This is by far the best planner I’ve ever found for SAHM, WAHM, Working moms, really just moms in general and it’s pretty and girly, and fun!”

Jennifer Carroll exclaimed, “I use this planner for everything. We homeschool and I use it for that too. I can’t not use my planner!” While Wendy Albert-Groszkiewcz said, “This is my 3rd year using your planner…I use the Mormon Mom Academic planner even though I’m Catholic. I love having family home evening pages, I just tweak it to my family’s needs.”

Since this is a planner for every mom there are pages designed for every planning need, and chances are YOU probably have some serious planning needs. The magical and mystifying thing about MMP is that creator, Melinda Christensen, has thought of EVERYTHING.

The MMP facebook reviews are filled with comments like this from Meaghan Nelson, “Absolutely gorgeous planner and it’s packed with so many extras you just can’t find anywhere else!” and LoraLynn Allen, “…Not only did it get here in 3 days, but there is seriously a place for everything!!! I can’t wait to get using it and all the cool extras that are included that I never would have thought to include myself.” and also Dana Gibson Draves, “…it was love at first sight! Absolutely everything I could possibly need is in this planner.” You’ll notice this sentiment as a common thread amongst MMP users. There IS a page for everything.

Need help tracking your visiting teaching? There’s a page for that.

Forgot what that one line of the Proclamation on the Family is? The whole Proclamation is in there.

Need to keep track of Christmas gift giving? There are several pages for that.

How about other Holiday planning? It’s there.

A place to review your year? Done.

Goal setting? Yes.

How about monthly expenses? Got you covered.

Inspirational Quotes? C’mon, really? Ashley Cartwright Gleave says, “This is by far my favorite planner. I am a quote girl and I always take a screenshot of the monthly quote and make it my phone background as well.”

A BofM reading tracker? Lady, please.

FHE planning and tracking? Obviously.

Family Council? Mmhmm.

To Do lists? You don’t even know how many!

Spiritual Quotes? Not even gonna answer that. Ok yes, I will, YES! It has them! Telesia Faleafine Manoa said, “This is my third year purchasing from MMP and it’s such a pleasure to open your (planner) and get comforting reminders from previous general conferences on top of scripture quotes.”

A place to keep track of each kids’ sizes, birthday plans, needs and wants? Yes, yes, plus a monthly tracker for each pant size, shirt size, allergies and much more.

Vacation planning? You know it.

Planning for a year ahead? They planned ahead, it’s already there.

Medical information? All but the actual checkup.

Contacts and yearly medical calendar? Duh.

Church Leader contacts? It’s in there.

School info and back to school planning? You’ve been schooled, yes it’s got it.

Space for notes and Doodling? Yes, my dear. Oh yes.

Is it cute? Hahahaha! It’s heart-eye-emoji all day long cute!!

One of the most unexpected beauties of the MMP is its use as a journaling tool of wonder. It turns those who can barely write a complete sentence without getting a hand cramp into record keeping divas of power! AJ Roberts said, “I ordered my 3rd MMP and my 12-year-old daughter’s first basic planner a couple days ago…I save my old ones like journals for my kids to have later in life. I hope my daughter takes on the discipline now of planning and journaling.” You’ll be able to look back into a planner and get an immediate and intimate glimpse into what life was like for you. With note pages at the end of each month and prompts for deeper thoughts about yourself and your family, everything you need for planning AND personal record keeping is there, you just have to fill in the blanks.

The paper quality on this dreamy beast is 70# stock and so soft and smooth you’ll want to rub every page all over your face. Dana Gibson Draves said, “…The quality is the absolute best I’ve ever seen in a planner, and trust me, I’ve bought some more expensive ones that weren’t half as nice.”

Now for the options, honey, the options! You can choose between Monday and Sunday starts, academic years and calendar years and your choice between a horizontal or vertical spread. There are simplified planners and a Mom on the Go version that is Christian based but otherwise non-denominational. Plus different covers to choose from and an option to get the pages unbound, to fill your existing planner binder.

Tonia Mahoney said, “My third year and my life is so much more peaceful…”

That’s really the goal at Mormon Mom Planner, to help Moms prepare and plan for every needful thing in one place so that Mom can peacefully focus her mental and spiritual faculties on the thing(s) that make her a mom....the kids and maybe even the hubby. Whether she’s running a business, running a home, running a school or just running a life, moms can use all the help they can get!

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