Sponsored: Prevention of Breast Cancer, Heart Disease and Other Chronic Conditions Possible by Significant Breakthrough on Vitamin D3 Research

by | Jul. 22, 2018

This article is sponsored by Cardio Miracle.

Two internationally respected scientists and researchers from the University of California San Diego and the University of Ohio, Professor Thadeuz Malinski and Dr. Cedric Garland, have respectively published breakthrough research on the impact of supplementation vitamin D3 on the prevention of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and breast cancer. They discovered that the impact of vitamin D3 supplementation produces the most significant results when the blood serum level of vitamin D3 is increased to 50 mg/dL, compared to the current levels for most adults, which is 30 mg/dL.

This current research by Dr. Garland establishes sound evidence for women over age 60—that by maintaining D3 levels of 60 mg/dL and above, women can reduce their risk of breast cancer by over 80%.

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Dr. Cedric Garland, respected researcher and vitamin D expert

Dr. Malinski, a brilliant scientist and a man I had the pleasure of meeting, has established a worldwide reputation from his research and experimentation with vitamin D and nitric oxide. He found a substantial impact on the prevention of heart attack, stroke, diabetic complications, and chronic disease through attaining higher vitamin D and nitric oxide levels.

Eleven years ago, I started on a personal health quest to research, advocate, and prove the value that quality nitric oxide stimulation could provide to the human body when maintained for 24 hours a day. My other research focus was on the effective delivery of vitamin D3 to the cell. It was four years ago that Cardio Miracle was developed and introduced to the world to help accomplish that objective. Thousands of people taking Cardio Miracle worldwide are feeling the impact of nitric oxide on their health and have greatly increased vitamin D levels in their blood.

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John Hewlett and Dr. Thadeuz Malinski discuss Cardio Miracle’s superior nitric oxide delivery

Dr. Joshua Helman, Harvard-trained MD and the Medical Director at Hippocrates Health Institute, reports astonishing blood work results among his patients who take Cardio Miracle two to three times per day.

My wife, Janet, has seen her vitamin D levels more than double, as have my many other family members.

Anyone can get a vitamin D blood test, but most cost $100 or less. Within 90–120 days, you should be able to see and feel the results. You can order tests online, visit your attending physician, or have a local lab service verify for you the improvement of your vitamin D level in your bloodstream after using our supplement.

The research on nitric oxide, appropriately named by the medical community “the miracle molecule” and “the spark of life in the cell,” continues to steadily advance toward a more educated population of people experiencing nitric oxide’s positive benefits and effects.

Knowledgeable consumers seeking to prevent many of the leading causes of death and chronic illness are turning to nutritional supplementation for prevention and to improve the quality of their life—and the lives of their loved ones.

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