Sponsored: The Key to Reversing Age-Related Disease

by | Mar. 10, 2018

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Key to Reversing Age-Related Disease?

LDS Company’s New, All-Natural, Stem Cell-Based Supplement Immediately Opens Your Arteries and Increases Your Circulation By 50%*

* Revolutionary Stem Cell Technology Increases Circulation 50%
Compared to Only 5% of Other Related Products

Improve and even reverse age-related chronic disease associated with impaired or compromised circulation:

Heart Disease ~ High Blood Pressure ~ Chronic Muscle, Joint and Back Pain

High Blood Sugar ~ Insulin Resistance ~ Obesity ~ Impaired Immunity 

Low Energy ~ Lethargy ~ Poor Endurance ~ Impotence

Low Libido ~ Poor Memory ~ Depression

Sound too good to be true? Click here to read about the fascinating stem cell research that went into the development of this all-natural 50% vasodilator.

Supplements on the market today that promise to open the blood vessels for enhanced circulation and improve health achieve only a 5% level of vasodilation (widening of the arteries to allow for increased blood flow). The primary active ingredient in these supplements is a laboratory-produced amino acid called arginine. It takes a whopping 7,000mg (7 gram) dose of arginine to achieve this small 5% level. 

There Had to Be a Better Way
Bio-scientists at the highly regarded Bio Serae Laboratories in Rouen Cedex, France, wanted to develop an all-natural vasodilator that was many times more effective, efficient, and powerful than arginine.

They understood that certain chemicals (polyphenols) in the stem cells of apples and grapes called “gallolated catechins” possessed powerful antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and vasodilating properties.

French Grape & Apple Stem Cells Achieve 50% Vasodilation

After years of research, they were able to isolate, extract and compound the microscopic grape and apple stem cells to create a vasodilator that had 10 times the vasodilation power of arginine (50% vasodilation compared to arginine's 5%) with only a fraction of the dosage (500mg compared to 7,000 mg).

They called their breakthrough ViNitrox™.

Orem, Utah, Company Granted Rights to Use ViNitrox Stem Cell Tech in Its OXYSPARK™ Vasodilator Drink

In February 2018, the Orem, Utah-based company SyberVision was granted the right to incorporate and market Bio Serae's ViNitrox™ as the active ingredient in its new vasodilator supplement, OXYSPARK™.

OXYSPARK™ Ships April 9, 2018

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