Sponsored: Unplug to Reconnect and Recharge at Kingfisher Bend Ranch

by | Mar. 01, 2018

Isn’t it harder than ever to really disconnect, to escape the constant flood of information and social media and this and that and on and on? It is and the irony is that, in this state of constant connection, nonstop information, and Wi-Fi-enabled everything, we can still feel disconnected from the people and things that matter most. That’s why sometimes the best thing we can do is unplug from the distractions, disconnect from the buzz and static, get ourselves some wide-open spaces and some of that old reliable cure-all—fresh air—and reconnect.

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Kingfisher Bend Ranch has more than enough wide-open spaces (1,250 acres of them, to be exact), fresh air, and more. You’ll find everything you need to disconnect and reconnect for a couple of nights, a weekend, or a week—three clean and comfortable cabins, free guided horseback rides, campfires, kayaking, river and pond fly fishing, hiking, biking, basketball, volleyball, and, yes, acres upon acres of secluded, wide-open space, all on a private Wyoming ranch nestled on the Bear River at the gateway to the Uinta Mountains. It’s perfect for couples, families, retreats, church groups, and more. And it’s just 90 minutes from Salt Lake City!

The kingfisher, in Greek mythology, is called “halcyon” which also means quiet, happy, and tranquil. That’s what Kingfisher Bend Ranch was built to provide. And it’s why so many families have made staying at Kingfisher Bend Ranch a tradition.

At Kingfisher Bend Ranch, you really can get away from it all.

(And, just in case you simply can’t disconnect completely, we do have Wi-Fi at the Main Lodge that works most days. And it has a password that you don’t have to share with your kids.)

Book your peaceful, unforgettable “halcyon” getaway at kingfisherbend.com.

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