Sponsored: Why My Life-Threatening Experience and Memorial Day Are So Important To Me

by | May 22, 2018

This article is sponsored by Cardio Miracle.

Like others, I take time to reflect on the lives now on the other side of the veil. These are people who contributed greatly to my life. My grandfathers, one the Tabernacle Choir President for decades, the other a general manager for General Electric, both died of heart-related issues, one at 66, the other at 72. My father and uncle died also of heart-related concerns—my father at age 62 of sleep apnea which resulted in heart failure, and my uncle at age 57 after battling heart issues since his early 50’s. Both of them missed out on enjoying their spouses and most of their grandchildren.

In 2007, during a routine appendectomy, (if surgery ever is considered routine), I had numerous complications and nearly died several times. The end result was a proposed heart surgery that didn’t seem very attractive after the appendectomy had caused many problems.

That life-threatening experience gave me an entirely new perspective on traditional medicine, hospitalizations, and accepting existing protocols and recommendations.

After my recovery, I set off on a lifelong quest to get off prescription drugs, avoid surgery where possible, and to find answers for medical conditions that had no side effects to ultimately prevent problems before they become chronic or disabling.

The past 11 years have been a grand journey for me. I left two multimillion-dollar careers, moved numerous times, and ultimately studied and formulated my own life-altering nutritional product, Cardio Miracle.

The Cardio Miracle name sometimes raises eyebrows, but it best described as a complete Nitric oxide therapy solution that provides for the body’s immune system, cardiovascular vessels, including numerous other benefits.

I have personally witnessed thousands of individuals improve their health and reap the benefits of a full life through Cardio Miracle’s results. The mission of providing health alternatives continues for us. 

The Best Is Yet to Come…
After my 66th birthday on Mother’s Day 2018, my wife and I flew to Ohio to meet with Tadeusz Malinski, Ph.D, a 73-year-old modern day Einstein. He is a Nobel Prize-nominated biochemist and an award-winning professor. When the professor learned of my research and the Cardio Miracle, he requested a conference call and after the call, he wanted to try the product for himself. He requested my presence at his laboratory, as soon as possible.

Dr. Malinski is the foremost authority in the world on nitric oxide measurement and efficacy.

His award table of citations and medals, proclamations and designations is something you would see in a museum of notable scientific and medical history.

Image title
John Hewlett pictured with Dr. Malinski

After 10 hours of meetings, Dr. Malinski was anxious to test, measure, and plan with me for the months ahead to share this critical science of Nitric oxide elevation and Vitamin D3 absorption and delivery (one of the key ingredients), with the WORLD.

Following our visit with the professor, my wife and I drove several hours to Kirtland, Ohio. In my opinion, Kirtland is the holiest and most significant of all LDS church historical sites. During our weekend there, we experienced many of our own spiritual miracles, including reconnecting with my dear friend and iconic Kirtland historian Karl Anderson and his beloved Joyce.

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Karl and Joyce Anderson

It was such a treasure to see the growth and spiritual mission of Kirtland unfold over the past 15 years since my days 20 years ago spent fundraising and assisting Karl to restore Kirtland.

We were blessed to be in Kirtland on the 15th anniversary of the dedication of the visitors' center and the other new facilities. Karl took us to visit my wife’s ancestors baptismal site, followed by a lovely dinner and evening.

If you haven’t been or taken your family to Kirtland yet, it is a most important place to share, reflect upon and FEEL the distinctive spirit there in the numerous holy places where wondrous events took place.

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May all reading this remember their loved ones beyond mortality, and TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH so that you may live to share in another Memorial Day with those you love.


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