Sponsored: Your Ancestors Are Waiting: Tips for Preparing Names for the Temple

by | Aug. 12, 2018

Making temple blessings available to our ancestors brings joy. Advances in technology continually open doors to vast amounts of information about those who have gone before. This can be a blessing but can also cause difficulties. Anyone with experience navigating FamilySearch Family Tree understands the intricacies of creating “one tree for the family of Adam.” Here are a few tips from the pros at Legacy Tree Genealogists.

  • Research and document every detail. Find primary sources – birth, marriage, and death records – as well as secondary sources like census records, wills, property records, newspaper articles, and local histories. “Family GEDCOM data” or “published family tree” are not acceptable sources.
  • Use a computer program to complete background research. Changes are easy to make on a personal computer and can help you prepare your ancestry before updating Family Tree.
  • Merge with caution! Unfortunately, many entries in Family Tree are actually conglomerations of several individuals. Examine each possible duplicate in detail to be certain they are the same person before merging. For guidelines on resolving conflicting information in sources, click here.
  • Look for duplicates. Some temple ordinances have been completed based on a marriage record, but those people can lack links to parents. Researching the whole picture about everyone in a family helps make it easier to find duplicates.
  • Obtain assistance from professionals. Brick walls may seem insurmountable, but trained researchers are familiar with record sets and techniques that can lead to breakthroughs.

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