Steve Harvey Raves About LDS 4-Year-Old Claire Ryann, Who Performs Perfect Disney Song on Live TV

"Eighty-two million people have watched you," Steve Harvey told Claire Ryann Crosby about her viral YouTube videos. "That's more than my entire 32-year career."

But for Claire Ryann, who recently performed on NBC's Little Big Shots, that's not the reason she sings. Recently, she told the Deseret News she sings "because I just like to sing with my soul. It makes me feel happy." Along with singing, Claire told Steven Harvey that she likes to "clean up my toys" and "play with my lamby."

On live TV, Claire Ryann sang the song that began her YouTube stardom, "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid

"She's [four] and she knew the whole song," Harvey says in amazement. "When I was three, I knew nothing." Watch Claire Ryann sing this perfect rendition of "Part of Your World":

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