Steve Young stars in new iPhone app

Steve Young, Pro Football Hall of Famer, NFL record holder, Super Bowl MVP and BYU law graduate, is now trying his hand at technology.

“My name is Steve, and I invented the iPad,” Young says in an online “app-vertisement” recently shown in front of fans at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

Nice try, Steve.

What Young has done, though, is partnered with Vaporware Labs to create a popular new iPhone and iPad app, appropriately called Steve Young Football.

The app mimics simple paper football games. The player tries to flick Young through football arenas to reach the end zone, avoiding obstacles like wild pigs, crazy fans, tornados and polar bears. The game has 80 levels and multi-player functionality.

Derek Andersen, the CEO of Vaporware Labs and producer of Steve Young Football, said the game’s development was a fun process.

“Just after the iPad was announced we decided we wanted to build an iPad game,” Andersen said in an e-mail. “We’re all big sports fans, so a fun and unique football game seemed like a natural fit for the device. We approached Steve Young about working with us and he was excited to get involved and provide his ideas.”

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