Stories and Advice for Sister Missionaries: An Interview with the Authors of Do Not Attempt in Heels

We can all relate to sitting in Sunday school classes or attending dinner parties where individuals begin stories with “When I was on my mission…” or who proclaim that their missions were the best two years of their lives. I admit that as one who did not serve a mission, my eyes usually glaze over and I tune these stories out. But Elise Babbel Hahl and Jennifer Rockwood Knight’s new book, Do Not Attempt in Heels, includes mission stories written by returned sister missionaries, stories that I found to be thoughtful, inspiring, and motivating.

Since the change in missionary age in October 2012, tens of thousands of young women have answered the call to serve. Naturally, they seek advice and tips to prepare, to deal with their (understandable) insecure feelings and doubts, and to find continued motivation and support. This book of essays provides a diverse mix of sisters’ stories—showcasing both the highs and lows of missionary service, but does so with honesty, optimism, and humor.

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