Story Removed: LDS cheerleaders kicked off squad for refusing to compete on Sunday

LDS Living has removed the article titled “LDS cheerleaders kicked off squad for refusing to compete on Sunday” and its associated reader comments. This has been done out of respect for the parties involved, who, due to the negative and hurtful reaction they have received, asked that it be removed.

LDS Living is disappointed that the reaction reached the fervor it did and regrets the hurt caused to people on both sides of the story. By running this article, LDS Living intended only to increase discussion about a choice and situation we know comes up regularly throughout the Church. It was not our intention to comment on the correctness of the choices made by either the girls or the school.

LDS Living always hopes its articles and discussions will provide information and enlightenment to our readers, and that readers will respond respectfully to anyone who may be involved in such stories.

(For those interested in discussing the "Sunday competition" question, visit our new poll, "How Do You Approach Extracurricular Activities on Sunday?")

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