Strengthened by the hand of the Lord

Difficulties in life serve at least two purposes, Rosemary Thackeray said during the campus devotional on Tuesday, Feb. 2, in the Marriott Center at BYU. "They help us come to the Lord and rely on His strength and they also help to refine us."

Comparing the refining process to that of gold and silver, Sister Thackeray, an associate professor of public health at BYU's College of Life Sciences, spoke of the high temperatures and necessary process in removing impurities and becoming more and more refined.

"In life, the trials, challenges, heartache, disappointment and so forth … are a part of the mortal refinement process. Though as painful and difficult as these experiences may be, if endured well, they will lead to our growth and development."

Talking about enduring trials is a lot easier than actually doing it and, at times, one might feel like giving up, Sister Thackeray said. But, she added, those are the times one must continue on.

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