Students give out copies of Book of Mormon on international stage

Neither of the young men were on a mission, not anymore anyway, but that didn't stop two Mormon 20-somethings from traveling to Hong Kong, speaking to an internationally diverse crowd about the church and handing out dozens of copies of the Book of Mormon.

"We had both decided individually to make sure that we use any experience with which we are blessed to spread the gospel," said Steve Rogers, one of the two third-year all-star law students from the University of Illinois who used the opportunity abroad to spread the gospel.

Many books were given to individuals who would normally be restricted from such an opportunity, including those from many Muslim nations and Mainland China, areas not open to missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Their trip to Hong Kong wasn't originally intended as a proselyting one. Their journey actually started months before. Rogers and his fellow Latter-day Saint friend James Noonan, who he had met in law school, teamed up months ago to compete against 136 other laws schools in the national American Bar Association Client Counseling Competition.

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