Students of different religions drawn to BYU

Each week in a quiet room of the Wilkinson Student Center, a group of students gather to teach one another and pray. The students are not attending sacrament meeting and they differ from most BYU students because they are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are Muslim.

Students of other faiths have various reasons for coming to BYU, but all agree their experience is something they would never trade.

“Before I came here, I [understood] they have a prayer room,” said Marjan Javadi, a Muslim and Ph.D. student from Tehran, Iran, studying chemical engineering.

“We should pray two times a day and for sure one in the middle of the day around noon. I was thinking if there is no place in the school, how should I pray?”

Javadi said BYU shows great respect for other religions by accommodating their beliefs. She and other Muslim students have the opportunity to pray whenever needed in a Wilkinson Center room set apart for that very purpose. The room is also used by Muslim students and faculty to hold a weekly Friday noon prayer meeting.

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