Students put LDS twist on new apps

With the recent release of the iPad, along with the popularity of the iPhone and iTouch, Apple has many popular products on the market. These products use “apps” purchased online at the apps store.

Some BYU students have reached beyond just downloading apps and actually created a few popular ones.

“Apple released a software development kit,” said Joshua Howland, a senior from Salt Lake, majoring in economics. “Using that kit you can program and assemble apps that work on the iPad or iPhone.”

Recently, Howland and fellow BYU student Wes Ostler designed LDS games and LDS themed apps.

“I have four LDS apps,” said Ostler, a sophomore from Orem studying information systems. “The scripture game is one of the better ones I have out there, but not the most popular. I made a scripture mastery one and it is more popular.”

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