Summer Books for Reading Adventures

Summer is right around the corner (unless you live in Northern Utah, where winter seems to be here to stay) so it's time to stock up on some great books to relax with and read alone or with your family. All of these books are good for ages nine and older, except for the last book (which is geared for ages seven and older). There is also a nice variety of genres that include mystery, fantasy, humorous, historical fiction and non-fiction.

The Fast and the Furriest, by Andy Behrens, is a humorous book about a boy, Kevin, who seems to disappoint his retired pro football dad because he doesn't appear to have any athletic ability. But his life and his goals are about to change when he notices his beagle becoming mesmerized with a dog competition on TV. So Kevin enters him in a dog training class, competes and takes first place and is now heading for a national competition. What happens along the way is funny, and how it ends up will surprise you.

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