Summer Fun (on a low budget!)

Doesn’t it feel good when the sun is out?! (Hopefully it is for you, WHEREVER you are!) Well, you don’t need your wallets or days of “time off” from work to escape the daily grind and enjoy the summertime sun. You don’t need to travel to an exotic island or climb a mountain peak to have a relaxing or an adventurous summer. Promise! We’ve got a few helpful (and low budget ideas ;) to help with YOUR own Summer Escape!

-Hankering for a camping trip but can’t get out of town? It’s okay! Set up a tent in your own backyard, or, if you don’t have one, your living room. Sticky s’mores, goofy camp songs, and reading books by flashlight required!

-Take your own kids or borrow someone else’s (I’m sure they’d LOVE the break!) Make a trip to your local zoo. Pretend you’re on a safari but don’t forget to bring a camera to snap shots of those exotic creatures! (or visit an online zoo

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