Summer Travel Series: Nauvoo

by | Jun. 23, 2011

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For children the exploration of Nauvoo, Illinois, involves hoops: a hoop to catch on a stick, a hoop to roll with a mallet or a hoop to bind the wooden wagon wheel in a bumpy ride over country roads. It may be a giant step for the electronically savvy kids of today, but a peek at the pioneer pastimes presented in a Nauvoo tour provides a bridge to historic family activities, a means of slowing the contemporary pace and making connections with years gone by.

The journey to Nauvoo, the historic restoration of an 1840s Mormon settlement, offers a link to the tales of pioneering effort and endurance, a hands-on exposure to the lifestyles of the settlers and a nostalgic glimpse of the past brought forward to current times.

“Nauvoo is a walk back in time,” reports recent visitor Jolene Jaster. “It’s an inviting place where one can find peace, serenity and excitement all combined.”

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