Sunday Chaos

I will never forget, before my husband was called into our Branch Presidency, the first Sunday that I went to church with four children all by myself. I left a feverish Josh home sick and went off to brave the weekly three ring circus that is sacrament meeting on my own. I was sure that I would not survive. But I did. I'm happy to say I even made it through the entire meeting without having to remove one kid. I mean, it's really insignificant that Henry stole all the hymn books from everyone in the front row and Sam and Jordan got into a face pinching fight severe enough to cause the woman behind me to reach up and intervene. But we all STAYED in the chapel. Bonus points for that, right?

In the end, I was just glad to have made it through with my slip still hidden under my skirt, all of my jewelry still on, and my credit cards all in their proper slots inside my wallet. We all made it home -- children and mother still alive, shoes, ties and tights still attached to the person of origin. Not a bad showing for single parenthood.

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