Sunday School Lesson 29: 2 Kings 2, 5-6

A reminder: these are not notes for preparing a Sunday School lesson—though they may help a person do that. They are notes for studying the chapters assigned for reading.

Arthur Bassett has pointed out these parallels between Elisha, on the one hand, and Moses and Christ, on the other. (All scripture references are to 2 Kings).

Elisha parts the water [2:14] (as Moses parted the sea and Joshua and Elijah parted the Jordan)—Jesus parts the heavens at the time of his baptism in the same Jordan.

He supplies water [2:19-22] (as had Moses)—Christ presents himself as the living water.

Waters appear to be blood [3:21-23] (as Moses had changed the river to blood)—Jesus turns water into wine.

He provides a never-ending supply of oil [an essential ingredient in bread, the staple food] for a widow [4:1-7] (as did Elijah)—Jesus provides a never-ending supply of the bread of life.

He restores life to a child [4:18-37] (as had Elijah)—Jesus does the same for two.

He renders poison harmless [4:38-41] (as had Moses with the snakes)—Jesus atones for the poisonous effect of sin in our lives.

He feeds a multitude with twenty loaves [4:42-44]—the Savior feeds the 5,000.

He heals a leper [5:1-14]—Christ heals ten lepers.

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