Surviving College Without Caffeine

by | Aug. 10, 2010

Everything Else

Fall semester is almost here, and that means days in the classroom and nights spent studying. As the first round of exams approaches, libraries will begin to fill with students cramming the night before the test, sipping coffee or energy drinks to help get them through their study session.

And then there are those who find other ways to stay awake, even without liquid energy pulsing through their veins.

Suzanne Whitehead, a junior at Brigham Young University in Utah is double majoring in international relations and sociocultural anthropology. She says that as the semester begins to wind down she pulls all nighters as frequently as once a week. But she has never drunk coffee, an energy drink or even a soda to help her get through those long nights.

Instead, she's found that her healthy lifestyle is enough. "If I run, eat well and take my vitamins then I can usually do what I need to get done." Whitehead said she'll also study in groups to stay awake.

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