Survivor: Childless Women Edition

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, in the LDS culture, us gals without kids feel like we’re on Survivor: Mommy Island, right? We compete in challenges like diaper changing, freezer cooking, arts and crafts, removing crayon from walls, getting 4 kids ready for church and still looking like a million bucks and other challenges that we are just not equipped to deal with. Often times, we inexplicably vote ourselves off the island because we just CAN’T compete. So, I’m here to offer a few survival tips that have worked for me.

1. Learn to say NO.

You DON’T have to attend every baby shower, birthday party, parenting enrichment, or any other mommy-centric activity. You just don’t. Spend the time doing something that doesn’t make you cry…like watching Project Runway in your jammies with your cat and a package of Double Stuf Oreos. Or something.

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