TLC films LDS quintuplets in 'Multitude of Multiples'

Getting seven children through a regular day is one thing -- getting seven children, five of whom are only 2 years old, through a day is something else.

Now add in a couple video cameras and a four-person crew from cable network TLC.

LDS parents Jayson, 35, and Rachelle, 34, Wilkinson of Cedar Park, Texas, agreed to let TLC follow their family through a "typical" day, with special focus on quintuplets Kassidy, Kaydence, Kyndall, Rustin and Ryder, for a documentary called " Multitude of Multiples" which aired Aug. 30.

"It was actually fun," Rachelle said. "The videographers came out for a half-day in February and a whole day in May. They just stayed in the background, filming."

The documentary presented two other families -- the Carpios and the Tabbs -- but their stories focused more on the dangers and the emotional drama involved in giving birth to multiples.

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