Take heart, Mom: Kids do grow up

Before I had children, I used to wonder why general authorities would always speak with concern and understanding for "parents with young children." I couldn't understand why they made that particular distinction. What happened when children grew older? Did it suddenly become easier?

The answer, I've discovered in my short eight years of parenting, is yes and no.

Older children bring their own set of challenges, and it starts and ends with a mouth that learns to talk, and therefore disagree.

But now that we are climbing out of those young years and into the school years, I understand what the general authorities were talking about. Those years with young children can be, minute-by-minute, so taxing. You can't bat an eye without some little person swallowing lotion, making a break for the organ in sacrament meeting or eating Psalms right out of your scriptures.

I have good friends who are right in the thick of that "young child" phase and I see it in their eyes, the "what on earth is this?" look. It's a look I carried for years.

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