Taking a closer look at the newest apostles to join the Quorum of the Twelve

Meeting Elder  D. Todd Christofferson

Elder David Todd Christofferson birthed 13 lambs on his own at the age of 12, graduated from BYU, served in the U.S. Army and spoke at Judge John J. Sirica’s funeral on the plan of salvation. These are just some brief but notable times in Elder Christofferson’s life leading up to his calling as an apostle in April 2008. His brother and nephew were able to share more memories of his life.

Family traditions: “Todd’s wife, Kathy, makes elaborate gingerbread houses at Christmas time and donates them to be sold to raise money for charity,” said Wade Christofferson, Elder Christofferson’s brother. “She also makes pies each General Conference for the Church security people to eat. When Todd was the stake president in Nashville, Tenn., he was involved in an inter-faith group there. In an effort to help those less fortunate, he suggested that all of the congregations fast for two meals and donate the money they would have spent on meals. It went over well and the money was used to help the poor in the city.”

Their family also got up during early morning hours for years to have scripture study together.
Grandchildren: 8

Occupation: Lawyer. Elder Christofferson served as a clerk for Judge John J. Sirica, chief judge in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, during the Watergate investigation.

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