Technology Adds to the Complete Financial Experience

In the financial world, we’ve moved light years ahead in the area of technologies that add convenience and a complete money-management experience.

Technology is providing increasingly better ways for consumers to manage their money and interact with their financial institutions. In March of this year, a U.S. Federal Reserve report noted that 39 percent of adults with both mobile phones and bank accounts use mobile banking—up 33 percent from 2013.*

These new mobile services add convenience and can simplify your life.

24/7 Account Access

No longer do you need to visit a brick and mortar building, during regular business hours to transact financial business. Mobile banking provides complete control of your finances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with almost no processing delay.

Mobile Deposits

Smartphones or tablets now enable you to take a photo of a check and deposit it into your checking or savings account.

Pay Bills/Transfer Funds

No matter where you’re going, with mobile banking you can check account balances, make bill payments, transfer money between accounts, view your spending and more!

Send Money

You easily can send money to individuals through mobile banking by using an email address or cell phone number.

Pending Transactions

By viewing your account summaries, you can see the transactions that have cleared your account (or are about to clear), eliminating the guesswork.

Alerts & Notifications

Near real-time alerts and notifications help protect your account, giving you the opportunity to check out anything that looks questionable. You can quickly contact your financial institution to investigate suspicious account activity.

A New Way to Pay

Using Apple Pay™ with your credit or debit card adds a new level of security and convenience. You simply use your TouchID™ thumbprint or passcode to authorize a purchase, and there is no need to share your card number.

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Loans subject to credit approval. Membership required—based on eligibility. Federally insured by NCUA.

*Based on 2014 year-end data.

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