Teenage Dating–An Oxymoron?

by | Apr. 27, 2010

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Those of you who have teens and subscribe to the New Era know that this month’s issue is devoted entirely to teenage dating. When I handed the magazine to my eighteen-year-old son, he rolled his eyes and said, “Teenage dating—now that’s an oxymoron.” First, I was impressed that he used the word “oxymoron.” Then, I was concerned. My husband and I have had several discussions about dating with my son over the past several months and my son seems to think that LDS teenagers are discouraged from dating and that he won’t do any real dating until after his mission. According to my son, the only relevant article in the New Era was the one entitled, “Is Dating Dead?” My son said, “Answer: yes,” and then handed me the magazine back.

Troubling, for sure. Is it true that LDS teenagers (and teenagers in general) don’t really date? As I write this, many high school juniors and/or seniors are preparing to go to the prom sometime in the next month. My son went to the prom last year, and he’s been to many high school dances over the last couple of years. That’s dating, right? Well, sort of. I see several problems with the high school dance date, which, btw, is very different from the high school dance dates I had back in the day.

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