Teens Perform Awe-Inspiring Hymn to Remember Victims of 9/11: "Hymn of the Innocent"

The Lyceum Philharmonic and American Heritage youth Chorus, consisting mostly of high schoolers born after September 11, 2001, recorded a beautiful orchestral and choir composition called "Hymn of the Innocent" in memory of 9/11 and a tribute to the innocent lives lost.

Rob Gardner composed the piece of music and Kayson Brown conducted and produced it.

Those in high school and younger don’t have a personal memory of that day, but some youth in Utah are finding ways to remember the feelings of that day.

“As we pushed through the recording process, tears were shed, a spirit of reverence for those innocent lives was felt in a way that only music can communicate,” says Kayson Brown, American Heritage Lyceum Orchestras and Lyceum Music Festival Director.

The musicians wanted to convey a message of hope despite still living in perilous times. 

Lead image a screenshot from video
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