Ten Gifts Under $10

by | Dec. 04, 2010


Wall Calendar for 12x12 scrapbook pages-blank
A fun calendar for any scrapbooker to create and share memories.  The calendar grids have plenty of space for reminders and scheduling.  With this calendar each page is unique and each month brings different memories.

$9.99 barnesandnoble.com  

Scrabble Slam!
A fun game you can take on the road or one for game night with the neighbors.  This will make you think fast and challenge language as you know it.  It is small enough for purse or bag.
$6.99  hasbro.com 

Cell Phone Holder
Your cell phone needs charging, but there are no outlets next to a desk or table.  This holder will allow you to wrap your cords and charge your phone without it dangling or pulling off the wall. 

$5.95  vat19.com 

Magnetic Animal Bookmarks
For the young book reader who loves animals, these farm animals will help keep their reading spot.  The animals mouths will open and with a magnetic clasp close in place.  Choose a chicken, pig or cow to mark their page.

$6.95   vat19.com 

Joyce bud vases-set of three
A table topper, a holiday decor or a flower display, these vases can mix and match up any day.  Add colored water or rocks in each vase with your flowers and discover that the combinations are endless.

$8.85 cb2.com  

Crayola Glow Explosion Markers and Paper
Another new dimension to color and markers, glow-in-the-dark art.  An activity for older children, these markers will make drawing fun.  Create, design and watch it glow.

$9.04  target.com 

Crayon Rocks
Made from natural soy wax, these crayon rocks do more than color.  The design of the rock helps strengthen tripod grip muscles and prepare small fingers for handwriting. Fun for the adventurous kid, who may color outside the lines. 

$7.50  thespoonsisters.com 

Great Ideas Napkin Sketchbook
Everyone knows that the best ideas are conceived on restaurant napkins. So, it follows that if you sketch out all of your ideas on napkins they should all be great, right?

$5.99  perpetualkid.com 

Streamlight 73001 nano light
An extremely small and bright light, this nano light is perfect for work, home, school, car or home.  Less than two inches long, this flashlight will store on pockets, backpacks and on purses. 

$3.49-$9.10  amazon.com 

The Chef Set - Page Flags to identify recipes
So much more appetizing than torn pieces of paper to identify all those recipes you want to try, just peel off the flag and stick to the recipe page. Flags cover the entire meal: Appetizers, Meats, Seafood, Vegetables and Desserts.

$6.45  thespoonsisters.com

Nerf N Strike Nite Finder EX-3 Blaster
With the red light beam and your target, you are set up for target night blasting.  This Nerf blaster will fire up to 15 feet away.  Blaster comes with three Micro Darts. 

$8.99  toysrus.com 

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