Ten new web services impact family history's future

New and surprising ways -- even confusing ways -- to access information are changing the way people do family history. Alan E. Mann, manager of Genealogical Community Services, told a session at BYU's Conference on Computerized Family History and Genealogy on April 26 about ten new web services that are disrupting the normal ways of sharing information and how some of them may impact family history research:


QR codes, short for Quick Response codes, are like "a bar code on steroids," Mann said. A QR code can contain a lot more information in a patterned graphic -- and they are can be scanned by many cell phones or smart phones. Somebody can point their phone at the QR code, and the phone could, for example, take them straight to a website.

Mann speculated that a QR code could be put on a headstone. A visitor could point their phone at the code and be taken to a website that allowed them to see a pedigree chart, join the family organization and get alerts on Twitter about any family history research.

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