Testimony: No Greater Gift

An 8-year-old boy, Brandon, decided to bear his testimony during the first fast and testimony meeting after his baptism. His grandmother related:

“He stood to bear his testimony and could barely see over the pulpit. The counselor in the bishopric lowered the podium and Brandon, with tears in his eyes, bore a heart-rending testimony with such emotion that his little voice quivered, and it truly touched the congregation.

“When he finished and turned to leave, my son, who is the bishop, saw that Brandon couldn’t leave. His fingers had been pinched when the pulpit had been lowered. He quickly motioned for his counselor to raise the pulpit and Brandon was released and quickly returned to his seat. He leaned over and quietly whispered to his mother: ‘Now I understand why people cry when they bear their testimony!’” (“On the bright side,” Faye Tholen, Church News, Aug. 19, 2000, p. 2.)

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