Thankful for Prophetic Counsel

When I walked out of the movie I checked my cell and saw that my mother had tried to call me twice without leaving a message. This was not good. My mom never calls me out of the blue for chit chat; I sensed that it was bad news. I tried calling her back, but she didn’t pick up, and the more I tried to get ahold of her the more my imagination ran away with me. I was very concerned that someone had died. When I finally reached her, it turned out that it was bad news, though not so dire as a death. My older sister’s husband had lost his job in budget cuts.

Hearing that was like taking a punch to the gut. I’ve been concerned about my own job, with financings down in a tough economy. Mine is the sole income supporting three households right now (I have two kids in school), and if something happens to my job the whole house of cards will come tumbling down. I’ve given some thought to the steps I would have to take were that to happen, and it wouldn’t be pretty.

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