The 10 best places to raise an LDS family outside of Utah

Are you looking to raise your family in an area that mirrors Latter-day Saint values and lifestyles? Although some families may have the option to live in Utah, where LDS values are seen everywhere, many do not.

The book "Best Places to Raise an LDS Family" rates and ranks 361 communities according to LDS values and lifestyles. Nearly 100 data sets-mostly from government and nonprofit sources-are broken into seven broad categories: LDS Culture, Education, Crime, Economic Environment, Health, Household Characteristics, and Housing. The data are then weighted according to LDS values (for instance, teen smoking rates are weighted more heavily than cost of a four-bedroom home), and communities are then ranked from best (No. 1) to worst (No. 361) in each category and overall.

It shouldn't be a surprise, then, that the top four communities that most closely align with LDS values and lifestyles are in Utah: Provo-Orem, St. George, Logan and Ogden-Clearfield. Salt Lake City comes in at No. 8.

But what about communities outside of Utah? Here are the top 10 communities to raise an LDS family outside the Beehive State:

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