The 5 Browns return to Utah with triumphant concert

Immediately after The 5 Browns finished performing their first piece of the evening, oldest brother Gregory Brown walked up to a microphone near the lip of the stage.

Brown addressed the 1,100 silent patrons inside the majestic Ellen Eccles Theatre, the first time the Utah family has performed in Utah in the wake of their father’s sexual-abuse revelations. Speaking for his siblings, he thanked the community of friends and fans in Utah for an “incredible outpouring of love and support.” Gregory added that recent days had been difficult, but it was the healing power of music that kept them going.

Gregory then said, “Let’s have some fun.”

And the Alpine-bred quintet of classical pianists performed more than two hours of music that was nothing short of triumphant, poignant, life-affirming and, above all ... fun.

After all, that’s what they do.

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